Past Events

ENGINEERING SYMPOSIUM IN ROCHESTER – Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019, Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center, Rochester, NY
The 15th annual Engineering Symposium in Rochester had the largest attendance ever, with 510 registered attendees at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center. While the majority of the attendees were from the Rochester area, several travelled from Buffalo, Syracuse, the Southern Tier, and PA. A total of 43 accredited PDH courses were offered.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Ray Ptucha, an Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering and Director of the Machine Intelligence Laboratory at Rochester Institute of Technology. He provided and ethics related course “What Is And How Will Machine Learning Change Our Lives”. The class proposed some controversial and ethical dilemmas that we will need to face with the expanse of computer technology.

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TSA/TEAMS: March 9, 2019, FLCC Victor Campus

The TEAMS acronym stands for Tests of Engineering Aptitude, Mathematics, and Science. The 2019 event featured the theme: “Engineering the Brain.” The competition is broken into three parts: (1) An Essay section that takes place prior to the event, asking students to propose a solution to a modern engineering challenge; (2) A multiple choice competition on the day of the event, where teams of up to 8 students attempt to solve short engineering challenges; (3) A design-build experiment where the teams attempt to build various mechanisms or structures from basic supplies to meet a specific engineering challenge.

The event was held on March 9, 2019 at the Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC) in Victor Campus Center, near Eastview Mall, NY. Columbia Allendale school was the winner of part 1 of the competition. However, McQuaid Jesuit dominated in the design-build competition – that portion is judged by the national office.

The TSA/TEAMS event is administrated by MPES past-president, Dave Roberts.  For more information please submit a request via our contact form:

MATHCOUNTS: February 2, 2019, RIT CIMS Building
The Mathcounts 2019 event was held on February 2, and was a huge success with area middle school students. A total of 12 schools enrolled 92 students to participate in the competition. The competition promotes mathematics achievement through a series of fun and engaging math contests.

A number of volunteers from MPES and other organizations supported the event. Each team of students was supported by teachers acting as coaches for the competition. The three highest scoring schools, in order of placement, were: Calkins Road Middle School, The Harley School and Alternative School for Math & Science (Corning, NY). Many thanks to the volunteers, teachers, and parents who supported this event.

The MATHCOUNTS event is administrated by MPES member Tiphaine Ketch.    For more information please submit a request via our contact form: